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“Massed Produced Golf Equipment”
“Custom Built Golf Equipment”

Mass produced golf equipment is assembled by the thousands
 but only built three ways. Club heads in 3 lofts - shafts in 3 flexes
  grips in one size - one single club length and some clubs only sold in sets
However golfers come in at least 12 variations and are
 expected to play proficiently with this limited selection.

The 12 player variations always include a combination of most of the following.
Gender - Age - Physical Size - Hand Size - Strength
 Swing Speed - Swing Tempo - Frequency of Play - Skill Level
Multiple face lofts - any Club Lengths and any Club Assortment choices.
How can a Golfer address all of these requirements with
 only 3 basic choices in mass produced golf clubs?

When golf clubs are individually assembled to the 12 possible requirements
by a qualified club fitter at a similar price to mass produced clubs it just makes
the game easier and more enjoyable to play.
The quality of custom built clubs is at least equal to or better than mass
 produced clubs but with better performance.

Garry Beaton
Member of the Golf Club Makers Association
Accredited by then Chief Technical Officer, Tom Wishon
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: Tom Wishon Golf Equipment
The leading name in club making technology
for Men, Ladies &Seniors Golf clubs

: Ralph Maltby Golf Equipment
 Professional club designer for
 Drivers, Fairway woods, Hybrids & Irons

: Hireko Golf Equipment
Down to Earth Golf Club Prices For
Men -Women & Senior Golfers

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Very few people would walk past a custom
tailor shop and not think that custom made clothes
are the best you can buy. Yet there are many golfers
who don't have the same sentiment and respect for custom-
fit golf clubs from a Professional Club Maker.

Most brand name manufacturers who make nothing
but mass produced standard specification clubs spend
millions of dollars every year repeatedly implanting into
golfer's minds that their clubs are the best you can buy.
While these repetitive messages go beyond the logical
reasoning that clubs made to one standard set of
specifications could be better than clubs made to the
golfer's own individual swing characteristics, many golfers
still buy the mass produced standard specification clubs .

The marketing blitz that pounds brand name recognition into
the minds of the consumer is powerful and makes those golfers
believe the mass produced product is somehow superior to the
custom made product built by a Professional Club Maker. Any
Pro golfer will tell you that they do not play with clubs off the
store shelf. Their clubs are built to suit the individual size,
strength and skill levels each Pro has developed. The only
similarity with off the shelf brands and what the Professional
plays is the name on the heads for which the Pro gets richly
paid to endorse.

The result of all of this promotional brainwashing is the golfer
is not paying more for a better golf club. They are paying more
all the additional cost for making them THINK they are getting
better clubs.

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511 Mentmore Street
Coquitlam, B.C.
Canada V3J 4P5
Phone /Fax 604-931-2869

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